Jayne the Miracle Worker

My 16 year old daughter picked up verrucas 8 years ago abroad on the sole of her foot and we can only finally say they are now gone thanks to one fantastic lady – Jayne Orr of the Foot Clinic Bundoran. After years of trips to chiropodists, doctors, dermatologists, hospitals and home attempts of salycilic acid, duct tape, banana skin, we finally in desperation tried Needling which in my daughter’s case did not work and caused an infection. On a recommendation we visited Jayne last September and after weekly visits to her for treatment over six weeks she got rid of the verrucas. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am to Jayne for her dedication and professionalism and the difference she has made to my daughter’s life that she is now actually pain free and can walk properly which is also helped by customised orthotics from the Foot Clinic. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough and only wish I had found her years ago. Thank you. Claire in County Sligo ”


“Showed total commitment to healing our sons Foot”

When my son complained of a sore foot after playing with friends all day, and when that didn’t settle after a few days, we took him to Hospital. There it was discovered that he had an infection in his foot. He was taken to surgery where it was investigated and cleaned, and a cast placed on his leg. We were told that all seemed clean and that the cast was precautionary, to help him rest it and too bring him back in a week and he was given a course of antibiotics. A week later we attended the hospital and when the cast was removed, what we saw shocked us. The doctor placed sterile strips on his heel with a plaster and told us to come back in a week and to carry on with another week of antibiotics. When asked what the infection was we were told that it was staphylococcus aureus. Not happy and very concerned for my son after having looked up the infection, I took him to Jayne 2 days later and asked her to look at his wound. By the time I got to Jayne, my sons whole leg was now red. As soon as Jayne seen the wound, she told us to she was very worried and to seek immediate help from a different hospital. She came with us to a the hospital. In this hospital, dead muscle tissue was removed from inside my sons foot and he was placed on extra antibiotics, as we were told that the ones he was already on were never going to work on a staph infection. We were told, had we waited the week like told by the other hospital, it could of had a very sad ending. We continued to see Jayne to get the wound dressed and treated every few days, as he had been left with a gaping wound in his heel. With Jayne’s help my son made a full recovery. She even helped him to learn to walk on it Properly after 5 weeks on crutches. Thank you Jayne for all your help and Kindness. From Mikey



“When the  you get two fixes for the price off one :)”

When my eldest son sprained his ankles three times within a space of two months, I sought help from Jayne. On each occasion, he would receive an x-ray to check for breaks and would be told not to play for two-three weeks. On the third occasion, I decided to go Jayne, as I felt this couldn’t be just bad luck. Janye performed Acupuncture on the sprain, which had an instant effect and seen my son playing football two days later. She then examined him properly, and told us he had Hyper Mobility in his ankles. She prescribed in a set of Orthotics. Not only has he not had a sprain since, but the back pain that he had been told was caused by kidney stones, which he had received antibiotics for to no avail, had also gone. My son has said that before he got the Orthotics it always felt like his was running on pebbles. That feeling has now gone. The only question Jayne couldn’t answer for us, was why none of the numerous doctors he seen before her could see this. Thank you