At a young age Jayne was struck down with a serious back injury which left her needing a number of surgeries to fix it. Following this Jayne took up swimming as a form of exercise, to help aid in her recovery from this condition. This is where Jayne’s passion for sport started. Last Year Jayne took part in a fundraising event called TRI 10. This involved Jayne completing 10 triathlons in one year, to raise money for 10 different charities.

Following Jayne’s achievements last year she is pleased to announce that The Jayne Orr Foot clinic are proud sponsors of 2017’s Lakeside Triathlon in Ballyshannon. The fantastic event, which is in it’s fourth year is organized and run by the MSC Tri Club which Jayne is member of. The triathlon is set to take place on 22nd July 2017 and is held in the beautiful Lakeside Centre in Ballyshannon.

The Triathlon involves a 750m swim in the calm waters of Assaroe Lake, which is followed by a 23km cycle on a safe open road with an excellent surface, and then a scenic 5km run first crosses the iconic footbridge overlooking River Erne and skirts the northern shore of Assaroe Lake before returning to the finish line at the Lakeside Centre.

This fantastic race attracts up to 250 people, and promises to be a great event not just for participants, but also spectators. For more information you can email the MSC tri club at msctriathlon@gmail[DOT]com or look at their website.